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Battery operated mowers

Hi, I am considering moving over from a petrol mower to a battery operated one. I wondered who else has done this and would they recommend it please? I need one with a decent 'mow time' before it needs charging. Thanks


  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,991
    I bought a Bosch with spare battery. Good point - its light. Bad point - even with 2 batteries it would not cut my 2 lawns which are small. Sent it back to Bosch who looked at it and sent it back to me saying nothing is wrong with it. Sent it back to Amazon who gave me a refund!!! Not a good experience with Bosch customer service. But top marks to Amazon!! Bought another petrol one instead. Honda Ezstart - brill!
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  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,592
    My neighbour uses a Gtech and she's happy with it.  She couldn't use the petrol mower her husband had used as she couldn't start it.  It cuts 2 medium sized lawns on one battery, and she has the 2nd on charge.
    The major issue with petrol, and I do use a petrol mower, is the on-going maintenance cost if you aren't technically competent.  At around £75 per service it adds up.  I've tried to stretch it out to servicing every 2 years to save a few quid.  It's almost more cost effective to get a cheap petrol mower and replace every 2 years than to pay for annual servicing.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 7,153
    My 81 year old dad has just bought a Gtech and is very happy with it. It cuts a medium size back lawn and small front one on the one charge. No need to worry about cables. 
  • I have a ryobi, as it is the same battery as some of our other power tools which is useful. Had a petrol mower in my old flat garden but moving to the new sloping back garden it was just too much of a pain.
    they ryobi is great, really light and battery supposed to last 20mins but O can do a 30sqm back garden and 12sqm front garden on one charge.

  • MeomyeMeomye Posts: 623
    Thanks for replies, I am finding starting my mower (with a pull start) difficult nowadays and as you say KT53 maintenance costs can be an issue. 
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  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,592
    Hand mower!!  No thanks.  If I get to the stage where I can't start a petrol mower I don't think I'll be in any state to push a hand mower either.
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  • dannysondannyson Posts: 58
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    A Webbs (other similar products are available) hand mower is a dream to use (cut the grass on maximum height all year) - no need to worry about trying to start a motor mower - barely any effort to push (provided you don't let the grass go beyond a week or so's worth!)
  • JeanRJeanR Posts: 16
    Don't have but I've heard some great things about the VIKING Cordless Lawn Mower.
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