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Is there any hope for this Ceanothus?

I've had a few casualties thanks to the awful winter but I'm a bit bemused by the fact I have two Ceanothus in the same border and one of them looks dead (totally brown), the other one seems 'half dead'.  The one to the left is completely brown but the one on the right does have some green shoots.  What should I do here?  Remove the one on the left?  Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • PurplerainPurplerain Posts: 1,053
    edited April 2018
    Yes, there might be (she said hedging her bets). I had a scratch around at mine today and there is a sign of life under the bark further down. Some of the top area is totally dead looking though.

    I was tempted to cut it down to that point, but I know ceanothus hate pruning so I will leave it. If it still looks shabby in July I will take it out. The reason one is doing better than the other is that one gave the other some shelter.
    SW Scotland
  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489
    The one on the left certainly looks as though it's a goner but worth doing as Purplerain said and having a scratch under the bark to see if it's green.
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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,423
    depend how long you want to look at a dead bush. I'd have it out and get something hardier. Mine's not as bad as that but all the flowers are brown and there's no point in a Ceanothus if it doesn't flower, so it's for the chop

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  • THANK YOU for your advice guys ... it's killing me looking at it like that (I get a bit upset if something dies, is that normal lol?)  Will go do a bit of scraping but to be honest, not sure how much longer I can look at it like that.  It's proven to be the only plant that wants to grow in that border so might just get another one. x
  • Ryan180680Ryan180680 Posts: 202
    Ours looks similar to yours but there is new life coming through. I think we're going to see their goes over the next month or so
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