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Horse tail / mares tail problem

good morning everyone !

I have a query re the above .

Basically in my allotment we have the above problem .

I realise you cannot completely exterminate it and digging it out can be counter productive due to how it reproduces and the depth of the rhizomes.

Which leads to either chemical or fire treatment.

I don’t want to use chemical as I have frogs living in my plot and I’m scared I will kill them off.

does anyone have any advice on this issue? 




  • Keep digging it out and burning. The thread like roots can go down 2mtrs and every scrap of stem or root will grow into a new plant. This means picking up every piece when handling. Good drainage also helps as it likes to grow in damp conditions and shade. It is a nightmare, pernicious weed to have in your land. It is a prehistoric relic so has withstood everything thrown at it.

    I lived with it for over 20 yrs and never eradicated it completely because it was in a herbaceous border.

    Good luck!

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