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  • FireFire LondonPosts: 7,339
    Sorry for the curveball
  • B3B3 Posts: 15,464
    Fire, what do mean?  Have you breached internet etiquette?
    At least no one mentioned pheasant pluckers ;)
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 16,762
    Love the lazy dog.
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • FireFire LondonPosts: 7,339
    B3, I was messing about with found brocks and a daisy log. It got all a bit confusing.
  • Daisy33Daisy33 LondonPosts: 1,031
    edited April 2018
    Fire said:
    Sorry for the curveball
    No need, t'was fun. :)
    @josusa47 My favourite Spoonerism is his admonishment to one of his students (allegedly) "Sir, you have tasted two whole worms; you have hissed all my mystery lectures and been caught fighting a liar in the quad; you will leave Oxford by the next town drain."
  • FireFire LondonPosts: 7,339
    Very good
  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,531
    Just remembered another spoonerism.  A man who was briefly part of our family would rouse himself from a spell of indolence with the words, "Ah well, this won't get any parsnips buttered.". One day it came out as ,"This won't get any bursnips pattered.". Needless to say, pattering of bursnips became part of the familial dialect. Those humble but delicious vegetables have been bursnips ever since.
  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234
    My aunt has always been able to "turk a cookie" since her dad said it years ago. Funny how these things stick.
  • YviestevieYviestevie Kingswinford, West MidlandsPosts: 5,803
    A work colleague was trying to say Kentucky Fried Chicken, instead it came out as
    Ken tried a *ucky chicken. She never lived it down.
    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
  • B3B3 Posts: 15,464
    I can't say Edinburgh Woollen Mills - but then, why would I want to?
    In London. Keen but lazy.
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