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Problem with Eucalyptus Dalrympeana

Planted this close to where we dug out a dead willow, three years ago.  Iti grew like weed and is now 15 feet high, however the snow bent it right over and although it regained its form all the leaves have gone red and dead looking, so far there doesn't seem to be any new shoots appearing.  Is it's all over?


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,121
    Hello Elizabeth36
    Best to give it a fighting chance ! This winter has been a shock to the system for a lot of plants ; E.dalrympleana is faster growing than most Eucalypts , and they're fast .
    What happens is that the sappy new-growth on this species often is not fully 'hardened-off' before winter sets in , and can get severely mauled by biting winds ; cosmetically this can appear fatal .
    Plants are very resilient , give it a few more weeks and when we eventually see some decent weather you may be pleasantly surprised .
    Good luck !
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  • That's good news, thank you
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