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missing fritillaria persica

i've just noticed what is missing form one of my beds, my fritillaria persica hasn't grown this year, expecting the worse I turned out the pot they are in, and the bulbs are fine, nice, healthy, fat and solid feeling, I checked the roots for vine weevil damage and there are none, and no grubs, its almost like its forgotten to grow?

any thoughts on what to do? will they grow this year or will i have to wait a year?

also i'm having the same problems with a Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty'. I bought it as a youngster last summer, potted it up and put it in the cold green house to overwinter (as it was very small and only had one leaf) but again its sat there as little green buds not doing anything with no damage to its roots from vine weevil which is the only thing i can think that would be causing this
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