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Cold Frame positioning

TerrysWorldTerrysWorld South MonmouthshirePosts: 135
Maybe the incorrect section.

Last year I built a Cold frame using timber and an old Double glazed unit

Made up as a 120cm x 80cm x 80cm high, used the double glazed unit for added heat restoring during winter. The frame is raised off the decking by 4cm and has a fabric mesh across its based to avoid vermin and bugs etc.

Tried several cuttings with very little success, although it appeared to be very warm inside when opening and despite using several layers of fleece to block the suns rays also raising the lid by some 10cm. It still felt too warm on some days, also tried placing water trays to increase humidity.

The frame is against a SW/W facing wall and can see the sun through out the day from 2 hrs after dawn to 3hrs before sunset 12mths of the year.

Should I move the frame to a more sheltered position still on the same wall but in a bright position where the sun will see it directly 3 hrs a day. Adding in the same area I seed my pots of Bluebells and Hellebores and others in this shaded spot.

Also when seeing cuttings being taken on GW, do they put their cuttings in a frame or leave outside in a certain area. ie Camellia and Passion flowers etc.   

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