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Coco Coir in greenhouse plant pots?

I'm planning on growing various varieties of chillies in the soon to arrive greenhouse (which by the way I'm very excited about if you haven't guessed!). I've read various articles about pot grown chillies and other veg some mention using coco coir mixed in to the compost/soil to allow better aeration of the roots. Apparently it also holds moisture better and stops roots drying out which sounds useful for a greenhouse which I imagine can be prone to drying soil out? 

Anyone tried using it and if so what did you think and ratio of soil to coir did you use? 



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  • johnbaronjohnbaron Posts: 75
    I was intending to use it in a mix with compost maybe 75/25 or 66.6/33.3 compost to coir to increase the aeration and moisture retention rather than as a pure growing medium. 
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  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530
    I always add a handful or two of seaweed meal to each coir brick to help with moisture retention.
  • GreenpuffGreenpuff Posts: 4
    Hi, I grow many types of chillies using a mix of coir compost and perlite 50/50!
    i have always been successful with this mix as it is light and creates great results.
    i use the same for Peppers, cucumbers and all my Tomatoes.
    hope this helps!
  • johnbaronjohnbaron Posts: 75

    Im going to give it a go as I found coco coir blocks (10l when rehydrated) in the pound shop today, going to mix them in a 2/3rds organic compost 1/3rd coca coir. 

    Do you still use some additional granular material at the bottom of the pots? 

  • GreenpuffGreenpuff Posts: 4
    Hi I use Canna Coco and perlite, no need to use anything at the bottom as drainage is excellent, the profession Coco is sterile and great for my usual results.
  • GreenpuffGreenpuff Posts: 4
    buy cheap buy twice!
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