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Show me your country garden borders.



  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,087
    1. This was my boarders from mid summer last year between a curved lawn. Boarders widths range from 1 metre to 3m. Plants are Rudbeckia, Agapanthus, Crocosmia, Lobelia, Heuchera, Salvia, Verbena 
    2. Shrubs are, Weigela, Sambucus Nigra, Beberris, Cornus, Choisya, Pieris, Acuba and Clematis and Smoke Bush. These are all suitable to my soil except Pieris but this has been planted with copious amounts of ericaceous compost and feed to improve productivity.  
    3. Garden is north facing with 50% in part shade. Always put a plant in its right condition and soil for best impact and performance
    4. I arranged my perennial plant in block planting in 3, 5 ,7 plant formation to get better colour contrast. Mix colours for better colour contract such as hot colours such as yellow and blues and red and orange or pastel colours such as light pink and white .
    5. Always consider the eventual growth of plants and shrubs so that movement and disturbance is minimal 
    6. Shrubs such as Weigela Florida and Smoke bush can be pruned to part standard to allow greater planting space beneath 
    Create yearly interest with planting Spring bulbs such as dwarf Iris, Daffodil , Tulips and Anemone Blanda and early summer bulbs such as Asiatic Lillies
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