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Garden design quote seems extorionate. Advice please x



  • WaysideWayside Posts: 773
    I'd DIY it, or pay friends/family for those kinds of figures.  I'd expect glacial boulders balanced upon one anotherr, with an orchid picked and walked from the furthest far flung place on earth for 70k.

    Your plans look like hard landscaping, I'm sure you could get many to do that, then as someone else said, go to town and have fun choosing plants.
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 5,722
    Hi Lyla, There's no way that's £70k of work for those two designs. I would guess about £15-20k max based on various work we've had done. I paid £9k for one man, 6 weeks work to get a tiny digger in, remove a retaining wall and about 4 tons of soil and then terrace the slope with three levels, paved in Indian sandstone (paid by us separately) and then he paved right round the house, including some steps. It was a brilliant job by a guy who really loved his craft and took a great pride in his work. Admittedly this was 10 years ago so prices have gone up.  Last year I paid £650 for a local gardening  social enterprise (one supervisor, 2-3 workers) to dig out part of slope, build a retaining wall with sleepers and chucked the soil back in with added manure. They then levelled a path at the foot of the sleepers, laid landscape fabric and put down nearly a ton of purple slate chippings. They did it all by hand and couldn't use a wheelbarrow as we have steps. They too did a pretty good job. The price included the materials and it took 2 days.
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