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Narcissus "Ice King" problem

Any thoughts on what's happened with my Narcisssus "Ice King" bulbs please? I planted 100 new bulbs in my raised beds last autumn. They emerged in March and had large fat buds by the beginning of April, despite the snow up here. About half opened into beautiful flowers but the rest didn't and when I looked closely at them during last week's very warm spell of weather, I found that those unopened buds felt empty when I gently pressed one or two. They have since gone brown and withered. Also, of the ones which did open, many of the stems seemed to "fold" about three inches below the flower, as if the flower was too heavy for the stem. I was so disappointed with them overall and wonder if there's anything obvious which I did wrong. 


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,420
    How deep did you plant them ? recommended to be planted 2 or 3 times the depth of the bulb. The weather may be another reason, fluctuating temperatures may of damaged the flower bud,  it been very cold to like summer last week now its the temperature dropping again, probably have some frost again by weekend  :/  . If think the double flowers have a tendency to lean with the weight of the flower, planting them deeper may help. 
  • Nana PatNana Pat Posts: 26
    Thanks for your comment Perki - I did actually plant them three times the depth of the bulbs. I do think perhaps the odd weather was to blame ... but then would they not all have been affected in the same way? 'Tis a mystery for now, so I'll probably just leave them be and hope for a better result next year. 
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