help please from those who know about growing carrots

Hi, my first time growing carrots, and as I have limited space generally I am doing quite a few veg in boxes on my shed roof.  If I plant carrots up there, do you think I could avoid a carrot fly barrier?  Monty said they dont fly much higher than 30 or 40 cm so a barrier higher than that will be sufficient to deter them.  Can I risk the seedlings up at 6 foot unprotected? Thanks


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    Yes, they should be fine at that height but make sure you sow a variety that doesn't make long roots so you ca get away with shallower, lighter pots and troughs.
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    Scarlet Nantes are nice.. but make sure whatever carrot you grow has very even watering.  I've grown them in pots before.. it was a real challenge, with some carrots split and others quite bitter tasting.  
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    I know it's stating the obvious but do check on the load bearing capabilities of the shed roof ... a box of damp soil/compost can be surprisingly heavy.  
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    Thanks everyone, I am sowing a very short variety, Burpees Short n Sweet which are apparently especially good for containers.   I appreciate the advice about watering, am prepared for mistakes, have made plenty in the past!  That however is how we learn!  Thanks fellow forum people 
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    I've always grown mine in containers. Make sure the soil you use isn't stony - that can cause them to fork/split, and use some old compost or soil for growing them in - they don't like a rich growing medium. I use the old compost from the previous year's sweet peas etc.   :)
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  • adamadamantadamadamant Posts: 107
    Ah great, I didnt know that about the compost.  Many thanks

  • I have grown carrots in pots twice as an experiment really, 1st year I did nothing with the soil and had some funny shaped carrots, and I found they didn' germinate as well as I hoped.
    The second year I added some sand and had a great crop.
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