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Schizophragma Hydrangeoides Moonlight

Aurum66Aurum66 Posts: 65
Hello plant mages(maji?)

I have bought some very healthy looking japanese vine to cover my perimeter fence. I've read the possible height (potentially high enough to steal a golden egg) and the average width to be 100-150cm. I have a two meter high fence including the trellis so it's going to have to go sideway and or get chopped to keep it in check. I'm just wondering how far apart to plant them? the idea is to cover a lot of the fence, but I'd like to have clematis and honeysuckle here and there for scent and to keep the flowering going through the seasons


  • FireFire Posts: 18,966
    I hear they can grow to 30 ft and should be planted at least 2ft from a fence, but they also grow slowly (up to seven years to good flowering). I'm wondering if it's the right choice for your 2 mtr high fence, if the main idea is coverage.
  • Aurum66Aurum66 Posts: 65
    it's the slow growing I'm counting on to keep it in check. I saw it trained against a single story building I visited regularly and they seemed to be keeping it in check with careful spring prune . I do have a two story wall at the back of the house I'll be fixing a wire cable trellis to for it to clamber up. I'm planting it slightly closer to the fence than you normally wood as I'm installing a watering system.
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