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Maxicrop Seaweed Plant Growth Stimulant

Hi any of you use Maxicrop Seaweed Plant Growth Stimulant?

I bought a bottle yesterday to use on the Toms and the other plants in the garden, just to give them a tonic, but it says you can use it along side other fertilisers such as Tomato feed.

So, does Maxicrop do the same thing as a fertiliser, or is it different and therefore has to be used in a different way, if that makes sense?


  • Sarah248Sarah248 Posts: 22
    edited May 2018
    I’ve invested in some Maxicrop too, for my potted lemon tree, having seen Monty Don recommend using liquid seaweed for citrus. My tree had had a sudden leaf drop a month ago so I thought I might as well give it a try. It’s hard to say whether it’s because the plant is happier now the weather has warmed up or it’s enjoying its tonic but there are signs of new leaflets and flowers forming on the bare branches.

    I also have a climbing rose (New Dawn) on an obelisk in the garden. Not sure why, but this spring  the leaves have opened a very pale green with dark green veins. I understand this is as a result of a nutrient deficiency so two days ago I gave it a foliar feed of the Maxicrop to see if it lived up to the claims made. I’m not sure when I will see any effect but I’ll keep you posted on developments.
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