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Parlour Palm - main plant and its rooted offshoot!

I enclose a photo of my parlour palm that has developed a rooted, healthy offshoot (on the left side).  The situation is that the leaves of the main plant recently became very dry and have become crisp despite my watering it regularly, i.e. the soil is not dry. 

I transferred this plant to the current long/elongated pot over a decade ago, when there was 66% soil below the root ball.   I have read this plant dislikes being disturbed.  I am wondering if it has reached the end of its lifespan (although I have seen them even bigger) or whether it has developed this rooted offshoot as a sign of distress.  Your thoughts? 

Either way I am happy to just lose the main plant and establish the rooted offshoot (with improving the soil).   I have read that it dislikes humus and favours a sandy soil so I am thinking of conditioning the soil base with more sand.  I have multi purpose compost but this, I understand, is a form of humus so not suitable, yes?   What would be a good soil base?

A 'weed' is just a plant in the wrong place - subjective! ;)
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