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Digging new shrub border

I hope someone can give me their advice.  We have recently moved house and are making a new shrub border where previously was parking for cars.  It is shingle on top, which we have removed, then about 5” or 6" of compressed ground brick rubble, underneath that weed barrier fabric, followed by more compressed ground brick rubble.  Do we have to dig everything out until we get down to earth?  

We then have to get soil to fill up with.  Any advice on that would also be appreciated.


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,769
    In the words of Roy Cropper: " If you fail to prepare: you should prepare to fail" 
    IMHO there's no real alternative to the route you've suggested, i.e. remove the rubbish and start again.
    An alternative might be to go with the Beth Chatto "dry garden" type of planting which doesn't need good, hearty soil but thrives on poorer, well drained conditions?

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