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Burly Bees



  • kerankeran Posts: 39
    I am on the Yorkshire Wolds and there are a lot here too
  • moragb1moragb1 Posts: 290
    Daisy I don't care what I look like if I can save these stunners!!! Anyway not as mad as chasing them around with step ladders, a glass and a paper plate ha ha xxx
  • There have been a couple of queens flying about in the last week and its definitely due to the weather suddenly picking up after such a long cold winter.

    A guy I work with said he managed to kill the biggest bee he had ever seen.  When I explained that was a queen he was non plussed and happy it wasnt going to be able to build a hive in his house.  I despair for humanity sometimes
  • How awful.
    The whole truth is an instrument that can only be played by an expert.
  • Red mapleRed maple Posts: 170
    You do have to wonder about some people, don't you?
    Ive seen a lot of large bumble bees and large lone wasps, too. Rescued a couple of wasps in my bathroom last week. They were very much at the dozy stage. Not sure where they had come from.
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