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Poor tulips

Are there any tulip experts who can tell me what’s happened to a few of mine this year? The foliage looks tired and the flower stems are short and listing....


  • Oh dear,what a shame,they look very sorry for themselves,could it be all the rain we've had?
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,807
    Could be the wet, especially combined with the cold.  They're originally from Turkey and like well drained soils.   In my last garden I only ever got tulips thru a winter in pots - kept in shelter till shoots showed - and in one sunny, well drained bed where I planted species tulips.  Everywhere else the soil was just too rich and wet and cold.

    In this new garden I planted loads in pots last year and then put them in the ground late last winter and, lo and behold, some have flowered but the soil is a lot drier here.
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