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Frisky Fox Lawnmower 2014 model

Hi all, 

Bit of a long shot here but i'm coming up a blank via google. Does anyone by chance own a frisky fox lawnmower? The belt came loose yesterday and to get to it I had to angle grind off the main bolt that connects the blade to the main part of the mower, a trip to B&Q and i could't find it a replacement, hoping that someone might have a manual (mines disappeared) and let me know what type of bolt it is so I can find it on the internet. 

Thanks in advance! 


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  • Hi scroggin, yes got some of the old bolt left and that was my next plan, but being sunday and doing a long shift tomorrow tuesdays the next free day, it had just rusted and no amount of force was going to get it off.  :)
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