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Struggling shrub

Evening, all. Hope you're all enjoying the better weather. 

Problem (maybe) with a shrub that we inherited when we moved in here about 4 years ago. Hitherto its been pretty lively and as far as I can remember, in previous years there would have been new growth by now. 

However, the leaves are developing brown, crispy ends, mainly on one side of the bush, and there's little sign of new growth just yet. To my shame, I don't even know what the plant is called;  but I like it, and more importantly, so do bees and wasps. So I'd like to keep it. 

Is this some sort of blight or infestation? Is there a treatment that might work or does it look terminal? Is it just the result of a long, cold, wet winter and can I expect recovery without any action from me?

Thanks in advance.



  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,420
    edited April 2018
    Just a Laurel bush.  I wouldn't worry about any of that, but I might use a scissors and just snip off the worst of the brown bits.  It looks as though the hedge has been cut to shape with hedge strimmers or shears, which causes the foliage to go brown - ideally it should be cut with secateurs but that's a longish chore no one wants to do...  the leaves will fall off eventually, when new growth starts..

    I should add, yes the weather has been nice here too, thanks...  always could do with a bit more like we've had...  I put my bedding plants out today, couldn't care less about frost, too bad if it happens..
    East Anglia, England
  • DesthemoanerDesthemoaner Posts: 182
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    Guilty as charged. I've used a set of cordless hedge trimmers on it for the last 4 years, but its never developed this problem. And you're absolutely right about secateurs being far too onerous a method of trimming the bush to ever contemplate, until and unless they extend spring and summer days to 30 hours of daylight. 

    I'll snip the brown bits off and see what transpires. Many thanks, and here's hoping no more frost. 
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