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Bargain bin plants - but what are they?

hi there. I was wondering if anyone could help me ID these shrubs I got cheap from b&q:



    Sorry I have muddled up 4 and 5. 
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  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,497
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    I think No.6 is not a Holly but an Osmanthus (variegated) but often mistaken for Holly.
    No.2 Viburnum tinus?
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  • autumngloryautumnglory Posts: 255
    I think 4 is a juniper, probably blue star. 6 definitely osmanthus.
  • I think
    1- choisya sundance
    2- leucothea, the one that grows low
    3- euonymus 
    5- hebe
    4- ?
    6- osmanthus
  • Just had another look at no 5 
    not sure if it’s not fabiana impricata
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  • a1154a1154 Posts: 1,058
    Ah I got this pack as well. I think it was labelled evergreen shrubs, £7 for 6, then they went to half price, so i got several more packs. Very good value but they were tiny. Yours have done better than mine KB! My osmanthus were scoffed by voles. My juniper haven’t come on much and are looking very weak indeed. 
    Thank you so much everyone x

    yes a1154 they were all in very bad shape in the shop. All dry as a bone but they seem to have revived recently 
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