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Vine Weevil

Starting a new thread about this so as not to hijack this one -

I've just been reading about vine weevils, doesn't sound good!

If I have them in one pot are the likely to be elsewhere in the garden? There is a Hydrangea in another pot about 6 feet away from the Fuschia where I found them - I guess they are likely to be in there too?

The plants are still fairly small so I think I'll try washing off the roots and renewing the compost. If I give the pots a good wash out can I put the plants straight back in with new compost or should I leave them for a while? Might have to have a dig around for spare pots otherwise!


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,099
    Yes. The clean pots should cause no problems.
  • TheChunkTheChunk Posts: 25
    Thanks Berghill that makes things a lot easier.

    I dug down a few inches into the Hydrangea pot with my fingers earlier and found one in there as well so looks like they’ll both be coming out this weekend. I’ll top them with stones as well and cross my fingers they don’t come back!
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,342
    I lose a couple of succulents or sedums to them every year but it's only ever one or 2 pots and sometimes there's enough plant left to regrow from. The gravel mulch never seems to stop them but maybe I don't make it deep enough. The grubs are very popular on the bird feeder though.
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  • TheChunkTheChunk Posts: 25
    I’m hoping that I’ve caught them in time to save the plants as they’re both definitely showing new growth.

    I was thinking they seemed slow to get going this year and blamed the winter we’ve had, now seems the vine weevil might be the issue!
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