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Container Plants for North-West Aspect?

kyle279kyle279 Posts: 12
I've recently moved into a new flat and have a small paved area next to my front door. I'd like to brighten this area up a bit with some plants in pots or possibly a raised bed depending on the plants I end up with.
I've done nothing to this area so far so I'm open to any options, but my main thought would be evergreen perennials or shrubs as this is at the entrance to my flat so it would be nice if it could keep some appeal in the colder months.
I could live with a couple of deciduous plants as long as there are some evergreens mixed in to keep it looking alive - I was thinking of maybe putting a forsythia in the corner if I had some evergreens to balance it out.
I'm not sure if this area would qualify as full or part sun as it gets direct sun for almost half of the daylight hours. I think anything that prefers sun but tolerates shade would be happy enough here. We get frost and occasional snow in winter here so it would also need to be hardy.
So far all I can think would possibly be laurel, juniper, or lavender. Anyone got any more exciting ideas?
Thank you!
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