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How to save my strawberries in a planter

Hi - please can I ask for some strawberry help?

I am moving soon so 2 weeks ago (just before the hot spell) I transferred my new-last-year outside strawberry bed into a 6-tier well-draining planter in a light and airy outhouse.  The planter has only been used once, and that was for the same plants when they were seedlings.

All the strawberries that I moved had  their dead leaves and stalks trimmed.  They were put into fresh compost, that was slightly moist.  before planting I read about how to water, with the advice "they don't like to be dry or too wet".  So I have been giving just a little water to each plant every day or two if their soil is dry.  The posts have holes in the bottom so none can be waterlogged. I have been using a few drops of strawberry fertilizer in the water.  I have been turning the planter around every day to make sure they all get the same sun.

For the first 10 days they've all sprouted in all directions, putting out lots of leaves each set of which have been bigger than the ones before.  They have been making lots of flowers too which I have been taking off while the plants establish themselves. But then from about 4  days a go one by one many of the plants have started having a strange set of "symptoms" that suggest they are not happy. 

First a couple of plants (on different sides of the planter and different levels) began to have some droopy leaves.  These caught my eye because they were the new fresh growth, and a lovely healthy green.  By yesterday one plant even became droopy all over, which worried me so much I have removed it.  Yet I have no idea what the problem is.

Then today I noticed a couple of the plants are making new leaves that are tiny - about a quater of the size of last week's.  In addition, I have now found some leaves where half is big (2 inches across) while the other half is about an inch across.   So it is deformed.  I also saw leaves with very curly folded edges even though all these strange leaves are bright and healthy green.

I can't see any bugs on the strawberries or in their soil - although I have found a couple of green caterpillars (about a week ago) which I removed.

Sorry for such a long question.  Please can anyone help?  I could not fit all my plants into the planter so put 10 outside in flower pots, and they are doing fine.  I moved the "floppy" plant out in to one of the flower pots, and it is still floppy.


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