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Dendrobium orchids

hello everyone 
I have a dendrobium & I was very lucky to get around 6 keiki from the plant, I pitted these & they all grew 😊 I feed them lightly & weekly like the mother plant. However, recently the baby plants have started to go yellow & almost see through at the ends - is this too much light or I have fed them too much whilst growing? One has sent out 2 new keiki so I’m thinking nutrient burn - can anyone help 🤞


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,947
    What is their normal situation in your home?  On a windowsill?  Is it possible that leaf was touching the glass and got frosted?  The cells die, and the leaf browns.  Or perhaps it was the bit hanging over the edge where the heater could dry it out?  As it is only that tip, I suspect it is something environmental.  

    Better to underfeed than overfeed, so perhaps cut back on the amount if you think that might be an issue.  Also, are you running water through the bark at least once a month to flush out any accumulation of fertilizer?  

    I've only grown them once, and it was years ago.. perhaps something else has better experience with dendrobium?
    Utah, USA.
  • they have been on the windowsill in the kitchen, so that’s possible Blue Onion 🤔 
    I moved them to the table in case it was too much light as my windowsill gets lots of light & sun & gets hot. The mother plant is upstairs on a windowsill but it only gets sun till around 11 ish bit there’s no room for the all others 🙈 I have 5 baby plants 😊 I’ve cut back on feeding for now as they are only just starting out - I’ve never had keikis so I’m not sure how to care for them. 
    Phillipa, that’s not pebbles, it’s Seramis orchid potting mix & they’ve been in that since day one with no issues, maybe the leaf did touch the cold window, there are no other signs & as you can see I’ve got 2 new keiki s already on one of them. 
    Ill see how they go & maybe give them more light if they start going dark 
    thanks 👍
  • Haha I do myself sometimes Phillipa
    thabks for the advice, I will try out what you suggested with more light 
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