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hello, I’m a complete novice and sadly not green fingered at all, I planted something in this Belfast sink in October (can’t remember what) and now I just have what looks like weeds, but cN anyone identify what these long green leaves are with a white stripe in the centre? Will this flower at some point or shall I just get rid of it all and put some bedding plants in? 


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    Yes, they look like crocus.

    The plants with little white flowers ... are Hairy Bittercress ... a common weed that seeds everywhere but is easily uprooted ... get them out before they produce seeds. 
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    Great, thanks for your help both.
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    It looks as though you planted crocus corms, and it's a bit surprising they haven't flowered, they normally flower in early spring, so it's too late now.  Just leave the long leaves to die down in their own time and they'll probably flower next spring, and every spring thereafter.  I can't see anything else worth keeping, so get the other stuff out, with as little disturbance to the crocuses as you can manage.  Easy summer flowers for a beginner to grow from seed are candytuft, nasturtiums and marigolds.  If you send me your address in a private message, I can send you some marigold seeds, I have squillions collected from last year's flowers.
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    Thank Josusa, hopefully they’ll come to life next spring as you suggested. 
    Thsnks for your advice and kind offer. If I planted seeds now, would they flower this summer? Could I put them in with the crocus (once the weeks are out) or would that overcrowd?
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