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I planted two lilacs in my garden in 2009. From the very first season after that, one of them has looked unhealthy, but I had no idea what was wrong. The other started displaying the same symptoms a couple of years later... Fast forward five years and both are looking very odd, sprouting what look like suckers from their crowns. This growth carries very few buds, all of which are tiny and don't ever burst into leaf. The first lilac has only ever had two or three bunches of flowers and the second to succumb has had fewer and fewer flowers over the last five years. Someone mentioned phytophthora and after Googling it I discovered that if I suspected that was in my garden, it was notifiable. Today a very nice lady from Defra came to take samples for testing. She's not convinced it is phytophthora but on the other hand had no idea what it could be instead. Samples will be extensively tested and in about three weeks I should know... 


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