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A daffodil/bulb problem

I inherited a (west facing) garden full of beautiful daffodil/narcissi six years ago.  Over the years, we have remodelled the garden and I dug up and kept the bulbs and replanted.  However, after the first year only one or two (of the 50+ bulbs) have flowered - all are coming up blind.  I'm re-shaping the south and north facing beds again now and have dug up all bulbs - maybe two or three flowers on the lot - lots of leaves (still green).  Should I bother trying to re-plant them (if so, when?), or should I throw them out and start again? Both beds get some sunshine during the day throughout the year, although there are a few trees in the south facing bed - but I have widened the bed so any bulbs could go further away from the trees if necessary... Any advice would be most welcome!


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,459
    Have a look here

    You may be planting them too shallow, or they may just not be building up enough to flower. They can recover, if you give them the right conditions.
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  • JellyfireJellyfire Posts: 1,139
    Did you dig them up whilst they were in the green? They may just have not built up enough food to form flowers. If so I'd just give the bulbs a good feed whilst they're in leaf and I should imagine you will have a much better show next year. Even without a feed they will probably fare much better next year as the leafs will be building up flowers for next year 
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