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Base for a shed on an allotment

Just wondering what type of base to put down for a 6 by 4 shed on an allotment. Would paving slabs be ok as I would prefer something that will deter rodents from digging underneath and living there?


  • NollieNollie Posts: 6,771
    Paving slabs would be fine slw, I have them under my poly and also a past allotment shed, but you need to get the base level and stable and build slightly bigger than your shed.

    I created a wooden containment frame from sturdy end-on wooden planks roughly 30cm all-round bigger than the structure (sized to fit the required number of slabs), screwed the frame together, lined it with weed matting, filled it with builders sand to the top minus almost the depth of the slabs, levelled and tamped down the sand as much as possible with a plank with spirit level on top. Levelling each slab as you lay it is a bit faffy, tapping down with a rubber mallet. When your frame is full and all slabs level, brush a mix of 4 parts builders sand to one part cement into the cracks. Actually for my poly I just used sand as I wanted somewhere for water runoff to drain.

    I am sure there are easier methods but this worked for me, I just make things up as I go along...
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