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Badly laid turf


I am looking for some advice about turf that was laid about 18 months ago.  I have never laid turf before so [mistakenly] took the advice of the man who was laying it.  After getting a couple of quotes I went with a franchisee of Jim's Mowing in Edinburgh.  He lifted the old turf, seemed to prepare the ground with new top soil properly (I have very clay soil), and laid new turf,  I did think it looked a bit rubbish but he assured me it would "come good" over the winter: it was laid in September.  I followed all the instructions about watering and not walking on it.  Despite numerous further visits from Simon to add more top soil and grass seed over the next 12 months, I still have very lumpy uneven turf which is patchy and has a significant number of dandelions.  I feel that after 18 months, it is probably too late to legally do anything and I am seriously considering having the turf relayed by someone else. 

Can anyone offer any advice on what would be the best thing to do?  To me, the unevenness and lumpiness suggest that relaying may be the best option but I would like to avoid that if I can.

Help and thank you


  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,087
    it very much sounds that your turf hasn't knitted together. When it's was
  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,087
    Apologies posted too soon 

    Did he remove all the large stones when preparing the soil for the lawn as this would make the lawn uneven if not carried out 
    It also very much sounds that your lawn hasn't knitted together. When laid the end of the turf should be tight to the last laid turf so that it grows in to it. If there a gaps in the turf then this hasn't been done properly 
    When it was laid did he stagger the turf so that no joint is above the last one, similar to a brick stretcher course 
    I would cut away a section of turf and check the soil underneath to see if it has been prepared properly and check for any large stones 
    If he hasn't done the work properly as I have stated then I would request him to return and do the job properly or pay out a full refund 

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