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Planted bare root perrenials in pots - can they go outside?

Bek_AlexBek_Alex Posts: 6
Hi! Gardening newbie here so apologies if this is a silly question.
I planted some bare root perennials (geranium, echinops, eryngium, lily of the valley, echinacea, peony) at the end of Feb when I bought them. They are in pots on a conservatory windowsill and are growing well. Due to a house move in a few weeks time (much quicker than expected) I won't really have anywhere for them inside. I will have an unheated greenhouse - so my question is where is best? Planted in the borders or unheated greenhouse? Or should i make room for them inside (if so for how long)? 
Thanks so much! ☺


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,405
    They are all hardy plants, so can go out in the garden, but they will need hardening off first as they have been growing in the warmth. With a warm spell coming up, now is a good time to start.
    Put them outside in the day time, but not in full sun at first or the leaves may scorch. Bring them back inside at night. After a week or so you you will see how the leaves look harder and stronger and you can leave them out at night too, provided there is no hard frost forecast.  You need to watch out for slugs and snails though, they love new additions to the menu!
     Presumably you will be taking them with you, so best to leave them in pots for now, but they may need potting on if they put on lots of growth.
  • Bek_AlexBek_Alex Posts: 6
    That's great, thanks so much for your help! ☺
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