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Lost my plants

AriannaArianna Posts: 3
Dear all. Hi
My banana plants have died on me and I don't know why. They were a birthday present in December 2017 never been outside. The leaves on my lemon and orange tree turned broen the stems still show green when I checked to see if the were still alive, what as gone wrong. Hope someone can help thanks


  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
    Could you post photos?
  • If you overwintered them in an unheated greenhouse it is probably cold. I have lost my banana plant but it was outside and I didn't give it any protection so my fault. My citrus trees have also lost their leaves, some were outside so not surprising but the one inside has also lost its leaves. This I think is due to drying out, since beginning to water it again I have spotted a tiny leaf showing. The ones outside also have green stems so hopefully they will shoot again, poor things.
  • AriannaArianna Posts: 3
    Thank you. Banana. Photo's see what I can do 
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