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There is a double fence (with a 5 inch gap between) on one long side of my new garden - I don't know why this fence is double, I have never seen such a thing. There was a huge Russian Vine growing up both sides of this fence. The neighbours have cut off everything their side and I have cut off everything my side and put stump killer on anything remaining. The problem is, the Russian Vine is thriving within the double fence - it is packed solid with it! How can I kill it? 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,653
    Either spray all available foliage between the fences with weed killer such as Brushwood, being careful to avoid plants on either side or pin some black plastic along the length of the fence to cut out all light so it cannot photosyntheise and feed itself.  Be ruthless about cutting out any stems which appear outside the two fences.

    You'll have to patient whichever your choose.   The latter method is more environmentally friendly but probably also a bit unsightly and may need to be there for months.
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    A double fence like that is usually done to reduce noise.
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