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Frazzled my Sungolds

ShepsSheps Posts: 1,717
Morning everyone, I think I have frazzled my Sungolds, I left them on a South facing shelf in the greenhouse ( unheated ) to get the maximum amount of light / sun and like a Numpty I never thought about how hot it might get as it was dull and overcast day.

On my max/min thermometer the temps reached just under 38°C and the plants look a little cooked, so do frazzled plants recover or are they destined for the garden bin?



  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,294
    They look fine to me. Some very minor leaf damage will not harm them
    Don't forget to remove the side shoots
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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,695
    Generally, I think they will outgrow it. I would use one or two of the sideshoots as cuttings , Especially that large one at the base  so that you have spares just in case. You are well in front of me, mine are only three inch high.  Still plenty of time yet. Plenty of ventilation for tomatoes is needed. Some roll down shading such as green netting is useful as well.
  • ShepsSheps Posts: 1,717
    Thanks Pete...the top growth felt a little dry and crispy which made me wonder.

    I'll keep an eye on them and see how they go, I've moved them to the staging now, so a little lower down and closer to the front of the greenhouse.
  • ShepsSheps Posts: 1,717
    Hi fidget, they were rescued from a Notcutts Garden Center, hence the size.

    Thanks for the advice re the shading.
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