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Removing yukka

The previous occupants of our house planted some yukka plants right next to a sycamore. I’m trying to remove the yukka  but it’s impossible to dig them out without damaging the roots of the sycamore. I don’t want to use any form of poison as it might damage the sycamore, plus I have a dog and a cat. Any ideas on what I can do to remove them? 


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  • Thank you. It’s possible. I have removed most of the leaves but left enough for something to grab! Maybe I need to cut the whole thing lower and then deal with the root. 
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  • Amazing, thanks so much for your help. I shall get to work. 
  • a1154a1154 Posts: 1,046
    Phormiums are my favourite, and I’d get rid of the sycamore! 
  • Ha, the sycamore has a preservation order on it and I have young kids who don’t mix so well with the spikes. So sadly it has to go, pretty though. 
  • Loraine3Loraine3 Posts: 558
    Agree with a1154; get rid of the sycamore. They are evil things for a small garden, you'll get seedlings coming up everywhere!
  • a1154a1154 Posts: 1,046
    Ah right, I do agree they are spiky and can be dangerous for young children. You could try a section in a pot, and put that a bit more out of reach. 
    Are you saying the young tree in the picture has a TPO? That’s very surprising. It will not reach maturity where it is, without taking the fence with it. They are not trees for a garden really.
  • It was planted by the builder I think. Our house is only ten years old. It does seem to be an odd choice for a fairly small garden though. It is in our deeds that we aren’t to remove it. The previous occupants have planted some monsters including 4 Italian cypress trees! 
  • I may be mistaken but to me that tree trunk doesn't look like a sycamore.  We have sycamores in our garden - admittedly very mature i.e. over 60 years old - the trunks are at least 18 inches across and the trees are 30 - 40 foot tall. Yes, they do drop their aeroplane seeds across a large part of the garden, and they drop a black sticky substance too. It is tough if you have a preservation order on the tree - perhaps in time you can lobby for it to be lifted?
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