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Cordyline pruning

I have a large cordyline in my front garden, it is made up of 3 plants. It’s been they’re at least 10 years. I’m currently giving it its annual prune. It became really blasted over winter with the snow and gales so much so that the leaves have become quite knotted. I noticed the growth in the middle is also looking quite yellow. Has anyone any tips? 


  • hlmcraehlmcrae Posts: 5
    Here’s the photos - 
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  • UpNorthUpNorth Posts: 376
    Looks seriously poorly to me.  This is why I'm  loathed to take mine out of pot and Into ground.  
  • hlmcraehlmcrae Posts: 5
    Thank you folks, I’ll remove what I can of the low lying leaves tomorrow. I think it looks poorly too, can only live and hope it grows in stronger and comes ok. 
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