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Is it possible to re use container compost for year after year?

Hi everyone.. 
I had quite a successful, enjoyable 1st year growing veg in 12, 66ltr large containers. 
My question is, to do the same in the future, do i have the expense of having to change all the compost, or can i somehow reuse the old compost?
I do have access to horse manure and have a bucket of growmore general purpose balanced granular fertiliser to hand. 
​​​​​​​Regards Barrie. 


  • Most vegetables are quite hungry so the soil will be depleted from last year.  I'd be inclined to remove the top third to the compost bin and then add some fresh soil (topsoil if you need to buy it in) and fork it in to the existing compost.  Horse manure is only  useful if it is well rotted (over, say three years) as fresh manure can scorch the roots and foliage badly.  If you've renewed part of the compost you can then use growmore as usual.  Good luck.
  • Thank you for your quick reply..
    Not sure on age of manure, but took it from the bottom of a big pile, dark brown in colour, crumberley with no smell.. 
  • Sounds delicious!  Mix with fresh topsoil  and you should be fine. 
  • May i ask, why top up with top soil and not compost, or will either be okay? 
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