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Overhanging tree

davefox355davefox355 Posts: 13
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I have been in dispute with my local council for 12 months now over a tree that is blocking my satellite signal for tv. 
I have attached a photo showing the location of the dish to the tree. I am not able to move the dish as it needs to be fixed to my flat. 
I originally just asked the council for permission for ME to pay MY OWN MONEY a tree surgeon to cut the tree back. They ignored this saying they do not cut back treed for this reason.. blah blah blah. Avoiding what I asked. 

After being passed from department to department I just got nowhere. I then noticed the tree is overhanging the footpath and over the boundary to the block of flats.

Now it gets complicated. .. I rent the flat from the council... so I'm not sure where I stand legally in getting the tree cut back. I know if I owned the land I have every legal right to get the branches cut back. 
I do however pay maintenance in my rent for the ground the tree is overhanging. 
Can anyone help please?

I also know there is no TPO on the tree and there is CLEAR evidence that branches have been removed in the past. So why they say they only cut back trees if there is danger to life or property I don't know.  


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,425
    The council own the tree, the footpath and the flat. I think you are wasting your time. If they say no, they  mean no. Unless you can prove it is a danger such as decaying branches, I doubt they will touch it.
    Can you get Virgin Cable instead?
  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    Or can the dish be moved round the corner? I'm surprised the installer left it there if you get no signal.
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  • When it was originally installed it wasn' a problem. But now the branches have grown it causes a problem.  In winter its fine but now the leaves are starting to grow it will be a matter of just weeks till I have no reception again.
    Relocating the dish is also out of the question as some of the flats are privately owned. 
    There are black marks on the trunk where branches have been removed previously. I seriously doubt they were causing danger or damage either. 
  • Ask your upstairs neighbour if you can put an eight gang LNB on his dish and both share the signal. One dish but eight cables to it works fine. solves the problem for about a tenner.

    That pic was taken last year, what you can' see now is that the branches hang out so much, no matter where the dish goes the branches are in the way.
  • WaysideWayside Posts: 845
    I'd take the tree over the telly.  Sharing a dish sounds like a good idea.
  • An update.
    Bit sad really but the council finally got back to me today, exactly 12 months after I first contacted them.
    He couldn' give a reason why but the whole tree is coming down and the stump ground down.
    I would have preferred just a few branches to be pruned back, but they must be doing it for another reason. 
    Plus many branches had been removed in the past.
    Thanks for the replies anyway. 👍
  • FireFire Posts: 18,021
    From the photos it looks like a fairly massive tree getting quite close to the flats.  It's hard to tell from the photos. I might suggest that it was a poor choice of tree to put so close to flats, or they chose to build flats near a big tree. I imagine it was about to be causing them no end of hassle as the tree gets closer and closer. I'm not saying that's why they cut it down, but it does all look pretty cosy.

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  • Shame it is coming down as it could have been thinned out and still looked good. 
    Yeah I totally agree. I would have been happy with it just being thinned out really.
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