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New House New Beds - But what is this weed?

Hi, newbie gardener here, bought a house with some raised beds.  Turned the soil over and added some compost ready to plant and within a short while there are LOADS of tiny green weeds growing.  Can't identify them myself and wondering how best to proceed to clear them out before my veggies start growing.  I'm guessing they must have been latent in the soil already as I don't think the previous owner had done anything with the beds in a few years.


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,553
    No idea what they are but when the soil , and weather are drier, run a sharp hoe over them.
  • Fire LilyFire Lily Posts: 296
    When in that amount, it tends to be Stellaria media, or possibly Chenopodium album (but they look different). 
    The Stellaria is not the worst weed you can have, and they are edible. :) 
  • Fire LilyFire Lily Posts: 296
    edited April 2018
    No toxins, just scratch the surface every now and then with something like this:
  • jon 183jon 183 Posts: 6
    Great thank you both, it looks like the Stellaria Media might be the right answer.  Anyway we have some nice sun today so maybe give them a good scraping by the end of the day and see how we get on.
  • I agree with Hostafan - just rake or hoe them off ready to plant.
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