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Pruning roots under paving


Can I shave the knobbly top off a large root under paving, I don't want to cut through the roots because they belong to very tall old blue spruce type trees very close to the house.

The paving can't be raised very far due to a badly situated drain cover  amongst other things.

So I want to cut horizontally the highest bits leaving obviously a larger wound but an intact root.. which I could treat? 



  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530
    I'm no expert, but I should have thought you could sever a single root from a mature tree without causing any problems. However far from the tree the troublesome root is, it's reasonable to suppose the roots extend at least that far in every other direction, as well as downwards.  But I think you'd better consult a reputable tree specialist.  If you cut it without professional advice and disaster struck, your insurance company might not pay out.
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