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New build flooded grass

hi, new here and in serious need of some advice! 

We moved into a new build 8 months ago. 

Garden-wise, i turned over the soil using a rotevator and sifted it. Rolled it, lightly raked it and sowed it. 6 months down the line the grass is soaking.

No water is draining through the grass, it’s all just sitting on top. I ever aired it using a fork but it made no difference. 

Last week i dug a 6” deep trench to see if any laying water found its way into never and the trench is now full over water also.

I plan to lift 8 inch of soil all round and the builder is going to supply top soil to lay and I will purchase turf to lay on top of the bed of rolled top soil, do you think this will solve the problem? 

Thanks in in advance for any help.



  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,142
    Unfortunately it's a common problem Chris. If you have a search around the forum you will find many threads exactly the same as yours. It's normally a combination of issues: poor subsoil (often clay), compaction due to the build process of your house, all sorts of builders crud burried beneath the surface and inadequate top soil under the turf. I think you'll need to do something more comprehensive than just adding further topsoil depth although I'm sure that will help. 

  • Hi Dave thanks for your reply, I plan to dig out 8 inch of the soil the grass is currently growing in and replace the poor grade soil with a good grade top soil. 

    Maybe before I replace the top soil I could dig a network of 80mm perforated pipe in a chanel of gravel in the sub soil so when the rain does come the water will go through the decent top soil and when it reaches the sub soil it will have Somewhere to go rather than getting stuck between the top and sub soil? 
  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,142
    Some form of french drains will be a good step forwards. It needs to go somewhere of course, either a soak away or tapping in to an outlet of some form. Be careful not to discharge it to neighbouring properties though or you'll have that to deal with. 
  • I've got the perfect outlet, I'm a pipefitter to trade so no worries there! I'll get cracking and update you! Thanks for the advice mate
  • Hi Dave...this photo was roughly 4 days after sowing... can you see any issues as to why it is holding water? 
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