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Removing a section of block paving to create a garden.

We're buying a house which is surrounded with a HUGE amount of block paving. I would like to remove a big section of it at the front of the house to be able to have a little lawn with some flower beds and shrubs planted instead. 
First, if we remove a section of the paving will the remains paving (which we need to keep for the drive) lose its integrity and fall apart - and how would I prevent this.
Secondly,  am I going to need to buy in a load of top soil to replace the removed blocks to recreate the foundation of a garden for planting etc. ?? All advice is gratefully received. 


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    You will need to put an edge on remaining block paving to stop it moving. There will be a layer of compacted earth and sand under it. This will need rotovating and more top soil added. 
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  • Thanks. Just need to figure out of the edging is a 'me'  job or a throw some money at it and get someone in to do it kind of job. 
  • The resulting new edge will need to be restored - professionally, in my opinion - if I've understood correctly that the area is currently block paviour.  I think that reducing the amount of car parking space (which I guess is what it is) will actually reduce the future interest and value ref the property itself when the time comes to selling it.   A bit like somebody changing an open-plan kitchen dining area back to the former layout of a dining room and separate kitchen.

    As an alternative to removing it, perhaps you would consider creating a group of shrubs and other plants in large pots of different heights, which could be moved about as and when necessary. 

  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,091
    How about removing just a couple of sections of paving and making a raised bed instead. It would need to be edged but if the beds were brick built then that would hold the paving still. Then you could have say maple trees for height and bushes or bedding plants as you prefer.  Hope this helps.
  • It's a semi detached house in a cul de sac with on road parking and room at the end of the cul de sac. We've a separate garage block and room to park 5 cars on the block paving that surrounds the front and side of the house so we're planning to keep the block paving on the 'drive' that leads to the garage but the blocks at the front are going. I'd like some green to make a nicer view out of the front and to make the house look prettier.
    We're on a hill so the other half of the semi is lower than us, our garden is at head height of the neighbours garden so raised beds would be a great solution but I don't think they'd work in this situation - which is a shame. 
    I think we'll see if we can get a professional in to do the edging and put in a prettier path to the front door. And we'll probably have a go at reinstating a lawn and some planting at the front ourselves. A good project for the summer holidays. 
    Thanks for all of the suggestions. :-)
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  • I've taken up loads of block paving in my garden to make new beds. Under the blocks was a layer of sand, heavy clay and chunks of rubble. I've dug it all out and filled with grit, compost, manure. Plants are growing fine in it so far. The pavers that are left as a path have generally stayed in place. Some have moved a bit but I'll eventually take those up too and have slabs concreted down.
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