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Adenium Hybrids - Going a bit soft in the main stem and there is die back / wrinkling of branches

Hi, lately I am been having an issue with my 'Hybrid / Grafted' adeniums.  They are planted with the same soil mixture of my normal adenium obesums and arabicums.  My soil mixture has a lot of coco peat, perlite / cats litter, fine grit, sand and a bit of multi purpose soil.  I've not watered them since Oct.  All my adeniums are growing in a conservatory with under floor heating.  So they are in a warm place with temperatures fluctuating from 17 degress C in the nights to about 24 degrees C (Nov to at the present moment).  There are no drafts with humidity about 40 to 55 %. 

I've noticed that my normal adenium plants have started to have leaves and just about to bud as well..but my hybrids have suddenly shriveled up and look soft at the main trunk with a lot of wrinkled branches and die back.  I have removed them from the soil and found one plant to have a bit of a root rot that has spread to the trunk and branches.  But I also noticed that the roots on some are ok and hard but the main trunk is soft.  I am a bit puzzled by this and looking for anyone who has these issues and how you have dealt with it.  I've enclosed a few snaps of the hybrids and my regular obesum and arabicum.  I am based in Sheffield, UK.

Many thanks and looking for some feedback.  


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