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Burkwood osmanthus leaves falling while flowering

Dear all,  

I wonder if all your gardening experts can help me out on a Burkwood osmanthus question.

I just noticed yesterday that my Osmathus is behaving rather strange.  I have 7 of these plants and 2 of them (the bigger 2) are having their leaves yellowing and falling, while still flowering.   However these leaves falling are currently only limited to the leaves at top half of the taller branches,  and I couldn't see any pests on the leaves currently.   Please see link below for the photos I took this morning.

Hopefully clear, that the only the leaves on top half of plants are yellowing and falling, the bottom half still looks great with plenty of strong green leaves. It's still flowering however.

I have been watering around once or twice a week as it's not been raining for more than a week.  The soil seems moist but not wet.   I have also given it a bit of slow release fertilizers around a week ago.  

May I ask if it's normal for Osmathus to drop leaves like this during flowering season?  If not,  what do you think it's wrong?  Your recommendation is very much appreciated.  Many thanks


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    Your shrub looks exhausted. The tops of the shrubs are flowering and shooting upwards putting on a lot of growth. It really needs a bit of pruning back. The pot looks a bit too small for your shrub. I recommend you prune back after flowering. Make sure you pot them in a loam based compost. 
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