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Awkward gap between house and fence

Hi, any advice or ideas would be very gratefully received. We recently had an extension built but we have now have an awkward 8 inches or so between the house and the fence. How can we fill this gap? What plant would be suitable? Thank you in advance.


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  • Hi Freddie’s dad. One side is north and one south facing, the south facing would need to be in a pot, the north facing has about a foot or so wide of soil.
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    How high is the fence?

    8 inches is nothing.  If it's a high fence, then you'll likely need an air gap.  If it's a low fence or no fence, you could put a climber on the wall.  Access sounds tricky.  How would you maintain the area?
  • It looks an eyesore and I don’t want my toddlers squeezing down the gap for obvious reasons. The fence runs parallel to the extension and is about 5 feet high.
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    I agree that it might be good to keep access to the wall and have good ventilation.
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    To stop your toddlers squeezing through the gap can you stand a large potted shrub or put up a fence panel where they might get through? I agree with other posters that the gap is too small to plant up and have access to.
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    Sorry I don’t want to plant in the gap I want to make he ends look ok and stip
    toddlers! It is ideas of plants which are tall but not too wide?
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    Could you put a piece of trellis in front of the shed, that could be movable, if you need?
  • It isn’t a shed but no there aren’t really suitable points to fix trellis to
  • I would lay weed matting topped with gravel so that you can reach the walls for maintainance. A gap that size is not really suitable for growing anything due to lack of light, space and water. Block the end off from small humans with a short length of 4ft high fencing or similar.
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