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Planting out before spring flowers end

Summer plants are arriving early from nurseries and my small garden still has daffodils and  bluebells, tulips etc just beginning  to flower. I dont want to take them out yet to plant the new arrivals so how long can I keep the new arrivals in their 9cm pots before planting direct ? Also I assume I should  keep them outside.   Most are due to begin flowering  in June - August


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    If they are the usual hardy perennials, you can keep them outside or against a warm wall to mainly protect young roots. You can keep them in their pots as long as you like, but remember to water them and check the pots as they do not always collect rain water into the pots easily.

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    If they are in 9cm pots I would pot them on to at least 1 litre before planting out which should give them another 4+ weeks in pots. Depends what your garden is like of course. In my garden if I put anything in which is in less than 1 litre, I would never see it again. 
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    If it is going to be a few weeks, it would be a good idea to pot them into larger pots, so that they will be bigger and stronger plants by the time they go out.
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  • That all makes sense. I will repot into larger containers as it will be about four weeks before I can plant out.  I can keep them outside to aclimatise until then as well   Thanks
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