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Plant ident? + Nandina problem.

Andy163Andy163 Posts: 59
Hi all. I'm hoping you can help.
Working through doing a lot of pruning this week and trying to identify these large shrubs. I know it's hard to tell right now but am I right in thinking this looks like early stages of Philadelphus. Or does anyone have any other suggestion? I wont prune it if it is philadelphus but as I haven't seen it flower how can I tell? Definitely needs a trim but do I risk it now or wait till its flowered?

On another note I have a load of Nandina domestica which I think have been hit by the frost. The bulk of the plant looks healthy but there's lots of leggy stems where the leaves have all dropped. Will they grow back?

Hoping someone can share some of their knowledge.


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  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,057
    There is a dreadful amount of damage around here to evergreens (E.Lincs) ; hopefully they'll recover .
    Maybe lost my two Crinodendrons (hookerianum and patagua) ; still just 'hanging-in' so will give them 'til Autumn otherwise they're out !
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