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Calling all seed tray rack users

Hi All

Any advice please.
 I have just bought a new greenhouse and bought along with it a seed tray rack with normal seed trays with holes in.  However, there are no drip trays to enable capillary matting or to collect excess water. (In the past when I have used seed trays, I have placed them on a drip tray with capillary matting underneath.) After measuring we have discovered that there none available to fit the rack.  The greenhouse manufacturer says no-one has ever asked about this before and suggests that the water just drips through.  Is this usual?  



  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,211
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    Hello cazza. I got one of those with my greenhouse but I have managed to find (gravel) trays without drainage holes to fit - tight fit admittedly but they do stay nice and level and do the job. I am not advertising here but they are made by Stewart. Other trays are possibly available.
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    I bought a seed tray rack, it came with supposedly 15 seed trays. However none of them have holes in so I use them as drip trays. I already had loads of standard size seed trays which also fit ( Sankey or Stewart) They have the advantage that I can use them for under trays for roottrainers  and as holders for small half or quarter trays.  If I just use seed trays, I allow the water to drip through.
  • Thank you both so much.  Really helpful.   I will get on it straightaway.
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