Anyone done any gardening today? (4)

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    Still raining and wet down here.I am at least a month or two behind in the garden.I may pot up a fern I bought yesterday (Doodia media £1.50 in Morrisons  :)).I can do that in the garage.I have a Fritillaria meleagris in flower on the lawn (£2 for a pack of 10 last autumn in Morrisons).Weather looks to improve next week so may get out to catch up.Things in the garden seem to be growing OK just can't get out to appreciate it much!!!
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  • At last the weather has warmed up. I managed to spend some time in the garden on Sunday. I planted out the flowering broad beans, had to give each one a stake, tie them in, a good drink and a sprinkling of the unmentionable slug pellets, I have millions of slugs and snails in every nook and cranny in the stone walls surrounding my garden etc. I also levelled off the floor of my recently acquired greenhouse, found free online.

     Yesterday I took my dog for a wonderful walk on the beach, no need for thick jackets, wind proofs, waterproofs or wellies. It was positively balmy, even some hardy little humans in wet suits in the sea.  

    It is raining today so pottering indoors.

  • Oh dear as soon as the nice day appeared I came down with a chest infection!Still unable to go out,it's so frustrating as I would've been out in between the showers!!😥
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  • I am sorry Cagzo - I feel your frustration on such a promising day - get better soon.
    I have pottered around. OH is out for the morning, so I didn't do any heavy work.  I repotted a sunflower seedling, told my other seeds to hurry up and germinate - we need more sunshine here.  Removed some more blanket weed from the pond - disturbing our resident newt (is there 1 or is there 2?) and replaced some plants in my road side sale box.
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    No gardening done today, couldn't find my snorkle and flippers.
    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
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    Anybody got a blueprint for an Ark?
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  • Yes, yes yes! I actually did some gardening today. Got a bit wet eventually, had to strip and dry off when I came indoors.

    It was damp but not raining early on so I moved my onion seedlings outside along with several other plants for hardening off. Then I Vaselined the sticky runners of the greenhouse door, am going to buy some Gunk.(Is it still available?) I was distracted from coming inside by the die back on the roses in pots on the patio and the grasses which needed cutting back, I had the secateurs in my hand so decided to have a "little tidy up!"  There was a huge amount of die back on the roses in pots on the patio, so glad I didn't prune them in the autumn, then I moved on to the grasses, the scree bed looks positively naked now the dead top growth has gone. At least the tubers of the ginger lilies look sound, I have piled their dead top growth  over them for a few weeks in case there is another cold snap. A couple of hours later I gave in and came indoors, not realising just how wet I was until cold water started dripping down my neck from my hair.

    At last I have made a start, I am slowed down by problems with a replacement ankle joint and a new replacement knee. Am forced to pace myself to avoid being laid flat because of overdoing things. Soooooo frustrating!

  • Thank you Guernsey Donkey,feeling like an old crock!! I also feel for you Joyce Goldenlily.It's the frustration of seeing all the plants sitting in pots on the terrace,knowing where you want them but not being able to do it! It doesn't help when OH comes back from Lidls with Ernest Markham and Fuchsias amongst the groceries! 
    I cannot wait to feel better!!!!
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    Yes, I've been able to get out this afternoon, cloudy but mildish. Started by pruning the hydrangeas at last, the Japanese Anemones, sambucas, cornus and stipa gigantica - basically most things in the front garden! Was only going to do an hour as I have to pace myself as well - isn't it a pain! Ended up doing 21/2 hours so will suffer later but just so happy to get out there and do something.
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