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Painted sleepers

I laid sleepers to level the garden.
the sleepers I painted using a Cuprinol timber paint.
I have touched them up a few times since I laid them last year whilst the garden was being completed. I painted them again yesterday as I am having Astro fitted this week, so planned on this being last time I painted them.
we had no rain day before and no rain I am aware of overnight.
It started raining early afternoon the next day.
I checked on garden after work and all the paint had turned wet???? Slimy wet paint???
any ideas on what could have caused this?
I was 99% all sleepers were all dry. 
It was a new tin I opened.
Were they wet and I never realised?
Have I applied too many coats?
Was it a bad batch?
Many thanks


  • Dave HumbyDave Humby HampshirePosts: 1,142
    I'm not sure which paint you used but most of the outdoor paints form a wax-like finish when dry to help reject rainfall. Of course they will also reject further applications of paint as well! I used their Shades product when painting the summer house and it was not entirely clear to me when reading the instructions what they actually meant so I went online and found pages and pages of complaints by folks who had left too long between coats. It sounds like this is what has happnened in your case. You could try a light sanding to give the new coat a 'key' but other than that you may be stuck with what you have until the finish weathers-off allowing a new top coat. That may be several months. 
  • Thanks for reply
    that makes perfect sense 
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